Frequently asked questions.

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What is Barre?

Barre fitness was created by dance teacher Lotte Berk in 1959. She fused ballet barre training and rehabilitative exercises to help her heal from a major back injury. Her method was so successful it has inspired a dynamic and growing fitness style: Barre!

The Barre West method is a low impact but high intensity fitness class that fuses the best of dance, Pilates, yoga and group fitness. Classes are set to fresh music and focus on form and functional training.

Which class is best for beginners?

Barre + Tone and Barre + Stretch are the best classes for new students.

Can I take class while pregnant?

Absolutely. Barre is a low impact workout that strengthens your pelvic floor and every class can be modified for individual needs. Please get approval from your doctor before beginning a barre exercise program. Check in with your instructor prior to class to get specific modifications.

When will i see results?

While individual results vary, it is typical to shed inches and see toned muscles in as few as 8 classes.

Who Should take barre classes?

Literally everyone. Truly! Barre is incredible cross training for runners, cyclists, yogis and winter sport enthusiasts. The technique focuses on developing stabilizer muscles and can be rehabilitative for joint injuries. Isometric exercise has been shown to strengthen brain function and increase overall muscle performance. Our classes are open to ages 16+.