Mom + Baby Barre Class

What is the age requirement?
Babies 8 weeks old to young toddlers. Moms are responsible for monitoring crawling babies and active toddlers. We ask that moms have approval from their doctor to exercise.

What type of carrier should I bring?
Any body carrier that you and your baby are comfortable moving in. We recommend testing out your carrier with baby before attending class. (Body carriers are not provided.)

Does the studio provide daycare?
The studio does not provide daycare at this time. Children must have mom's supervision at all times.

Is this class friendly for beginners?
Absolutely. Your instructor will walk you through the basics of barre and what to expect. We recommend arriving a minimum of 20 minutes early for your first class.

Can I drop in to class?
Yes! This class is now incorporated into our weekly schedule and any studio pass (intro pass, class card, membership or drop in) can be used to attend. Class spots are available 7 days prior to class time. Spaces are limited and pre-registration is highly recommended. Please cancel class 4 hours before the start time to avoid late cancellation penalty.

Studio Support

New moms and babies have a ton on their plate and we are here to support you both. Our private studio space is available to store car seats and bags. This space is also available to change or nurse baby any time during your studio visit. Please leave diapers ONLY in the designated trash bin.

It takes extra time to set up for two, we recommend getting to the studio at least 20 minutes before class to get settled. Some days getting to the studio for class is a HUGE accomplishment, feel free to phone ahead to let us know if you're running late and we can set up your mat and props for you.

No need to stress about parking or accessibility, we have unlimited free parking directly in front of the studio. Fussy days happen (for all of us). Don't fret if you and baby need to take a break from class to nurse, get changed or re-group. While car seats must remain outside of the studio, baby can rest on a mat if being held in body carrier is not in the cards.

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