Small Movements. Incredible Results.

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Barre + Tone

Our classic, all levels class. An invigorating warm up followed by upper and lower body toning. Calories are torched and sweat shows up fast from fluid choreography and cardio snaps. Take this class 3x-5x per week and expect a lifted seat, strong core, and toned arms and legs. All levels welcome.

Barre + EXPress

A time saving version of our Barre + Tone class format perfect for a early morning or lunch time workout. Get your burn, sweat and stretch in just 45 minutes! Barre + Tone experience recommended. 

Barre + Stretch

Think lean, long, and defined with this class. Skip the cardio intervals for longer stretches in between sequences and at the end of class. Expect the intensity and strength of a Barre +Tone class combined with the release and relief of your favorite yoga class. All levels welcome.

Barre + Booty

J-Lo, Queen B, Oprah ...(ya, we said Oprah). This class amps up the attention to your glutes, hamstrings and back. A stronger butt means a better life and we'll show you how and teach you why. All levels welcome.

Barre + Sweat

Push it. Push it real good. Longer cardio snaps and toning sequences take your workout to the next level. This class uses traditional postures and sequences with extra resistance and combo choreography. Find your limit, crush it, and leave dripping in sweat. Barre experience strongly recommended.

Core + tone

Can't get enough core? Us too. Core + Tone class gives you a total body burn while focusing on more core & mat work. This signature Barre West class strengthens your core and pelvic floor and is 70/30 mat work & standing work. Our version of an amazingly spicy mat Pilates class. You'll learn our on-point techniques and get an incredible workout. All levels welcome.


This class is a barre babe's best friend. Release tight muscles and tissues using a roller, mobility ball and dynamic stretching. Prevent injuries and learn empowering functional anatomy that will leave you feeling like you just left a massage. Rollax is a signature technique designed by Calgary's own Dr. Justin Tan. He is a movement therapist and Dr. of Chiropractic dedicated to helping his clients and students move well to live well. Learn more about Justin and his work here: DrJustinTan.caAll levels welcome.